Media Presence
o Press releases distributed to local/regional/national newspapers
o Press releases distributed to local/regional/national magazines
o Point of contact for articles, interviews
o Management of press
o Public affairs
o Press kit creation/redesign

Internet Presence
o Social Media Management (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc..)
o Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for media materials
o Website updates
o Facebook posts
o Twitter posts
o Blogger relations
o Community building and management
o E-Blast newsletters
o Misc. web management (Groupon, Digg, Reddit, etc..)

Event Development
o Event concept meetings
o Execute events (business specific)
o Professional event photography
o Discounts with other AMPS Creative clients
o Local market product launches
o Gift placement
o VIP lists
o Sponsorships
o Media attendance
o Invitation design and distribution

Visual Design
o Branding
o Logos
o Website redesign
o Digital event invitation design
o Facebook page creation/redesign
o Twitter page creation/redesign

Image Counseling
Speech Writing
Direct Mail Marketing
Business Photo Shoots